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Top 5 Things Sellers Can Do

  In these Top 5 Things Sellers Can Do lists, we give our personal tips to help sellers save money, minimize the length of the inspection, and make sure the inspection goes smoothly. We’re always looking for ways to help buyers and sellers, as well as make sure the home inspection process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone. Feel free to let us know your own tips. If you find this information helpful, please share it around.   Have a presale inspection. If the furnace is older than 15 years, have it inspected/serviced/cleaned. Remove non-working items – humidifier, power attic vents, instant hot water dispensers, electronic air cleaners. Buy a $12 receptacle tester and test all of the outlets. Repair them if you need to. If you know something is defective, fix it or disclose it.   Good idea to look in the crawl space before inspection. Check to see if any insulation has fallen down or if there’s water on the ground – deal with this before the inspection.         1. Change/replace light bulbs. 2. Change the furnace filter. 3. Clean the gutters. 4. Make sure you have working smoke detectors on each level. 5. Make sure you can open all windows & install any missing window cranks or screens.   Leave a note for the inspector about exotic, unusual, or aggressive animals. Leave notes about pets – don’t leave cats or dogs out!   Make attic, crawl space, furnace, and electrical panels accessible and free of personal items blocking them. Leave inspector notes (e.g. crawl space access is located under the carpet in the second bedroom). Leave the inspector your contact number for the day (e.g. key to pool cover, key to detached garage). Leave note for the buyer (e.g. make yourself at home – there’s water in the fridge). Leave during the inspection.

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